Animal Haven is a long established, highly renowned name within the Grooming Community. We have an extremely high job placement success rate and are always there for our students, in whatever country they end up in! Our ‘in-house’ job board is available to all our graduates.

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Job Options in Grooming

Once you graduate from our school, there are plenty of fields you can go into with your newly learned skills. Below are just a few of the career path you may find interesting.


Certified Salon Technicians are responsible for bathing, brushing, drying and prepping dogs for grooming.  Nails grinding, ear plucking, pad shaving and sanitary clipping.  Groomers, Vet Techs and Boarding Kennels all need Bathers.


Canadian Canine Stylists (in Sporting, Non-Sporting and Terrier) are responsible for bathing, drying and prepping dogs for grooming.  They are also expected to style breed profiles as well as a menagerie of Cur couture styles.  Veterinarian Hospitals, Salons, Professional Handlers and Boarding Facilities often have Groomers on staff.

Salon Manager

With experience in the Grooming world, the ability to handle clients and manage staff you can utilize your skills as a Canadian Canine Stylist to successfully manage a Salon.

Salon Owner

Be your own boss! As a Canadian Canine Stylist, if you can dream it you can make it happen.  Own your own salon and focus on your ability to love dogs, help clientele and make a difference.

Other Job Options in the Animal Field that might interest you. 

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