Animal Haven Grooming offers a comprehensive course into the world of grooming. Focused on giving you the tools to become certified through the Canadian Professional Pet Stylists, which is a federally registered certification that you can use all across Canada!

Animal Haven is all about hands-on practical teaching, you will not be stuck in a classroom without ever seeing an animal. 

You cannot learn to ski online, just like you cannot learn to groom online! 

We teach you to groom properly, not just how to shave a dog off!

We are the only school to offer you the best instructors and one of the highest student to teacher ratios!

Currently, we have 2 Certified Instructors and 2 Certified Master Groomers as well as a Business & First Aid Instructor. Our student to teacher ratio is 2:1, one of the highest in Canada!

Our instructors travel the world attending and giving lectures, competing in grooming competitions, producing grooming shows and showing dogs to championships.They will push you to do your best and most of our students are able to finish (completely bath and groom) 2-5 dogs a day by the time they graduate. Now that is something to be proud of!

Animal Haven is regulated by the Private Training Institutions Branch of British Columbia. Safety for the animals in our care is our main concern.

Mission & Philosophy

Providing students with a higher education to safely groom and handle animals with respect, deal with clients effectively and efficiently, while offering breed profile and Cur couture, in a positive learning environment with quality facilitators that, while being industry leaders, also generously support the aspirations of our students.

We use the standards set by the Canadian Professional Pet Stylist Association for our testing by offering CPPS written and practical testing in house, as well as teaching responsibility to never sacrifice the safety and comfort of any animal for the sake of a profile groom.

Animal Haven takes pride in teaching the esthetics of dog grooming for all canines, whether they be the day to day companion playing in the park, the jet setting show dog, or the canine creative fashionista sporting ‘not by nature’ colour.  Our school leads the pack by showing what true artistic expression, community spirit, health and well being, and animal compassion should be within the industry and around the world within the Grooming field.


Affiliations & Memberships

International Association of Professional Esthetic Groomers

IAPEG P.O. Box 50
Childersburg, AL 35044-1880 USA
Tel: 256-378-6743


Canadian Kennel Club

Suite 400, 200 Ronson Drive
Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 5Z9


International Professional Groomers, Inc

6475 Wallace Rd NW
Salem, OR 97304 USA
Tel: 503-581-1220


Canadian Professional Pet Stylists

31532 Monarch Court
Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 6M5


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History of the School

Animal Haven Grooming, in Surrey, BC started in 1983, under Sandy Potter, CCMS, CMG. Proving to the Grooming world that it was a force to be reckoned with.

1995 had Lorraine Stewart as a student who finished her Certified Master Groomer by the years end.

1998 Kat starts her education with Animal Haven Grooming.

2000 Kat finishes her IPG certification as a Certified Master Groomer.

2001 Lorraine competed as a Groom Team Canada member and winning the Best in Show at the World Cup Grooming Games in California!

2002 Loraine continues her amazing winning streak by taking the Groom Expo Winners Circle.

2003 Michele Grenkow started with Animal Haven as the Office and Intake Manager.

2004-2005 Kat comes back to teach for Sandy at Animal Haven.

In 2006, Animal Haven in Surrey was passed onto Michele CCMS, CMG who has continued in Animal Haven’s prestigious winnings ways! 

Promoting CPG (Canadian Professional Groomers Association) since it’s inception in 2010, in our classroom and across Canada. 

2012 brings Lorraine Stewart CCMS (Certifier), CMG, Kat Beaulieu, CCMS, CMG and Darcy Grenkow to the teaching staff, bringing our school to be the highest student to teacher ratio in Western Canada!

In 2012, Animal Haven School is Registered with PCTIA.